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Some of our interventions are described below:

WOYWA was represented at a 3-day workshop on “Gender Bias in Nigerian Electoral Process” organized by Centre for Human Development (CHD).

In the course of the workshop, the awareness was created that gender bias has constituted a major hindrance to the participation of women in Nigeria Politics. As a result of this, the relevant NGOs including WOYWA were grouped to carry out sensitization to various Local Governments in Ondo state in order to sensitize the women in the communities to come out and vote and also encourage their educated female children to take active parts in partisan politics.
WOYWA was among the group that handled Akure North. Several advocacy visits were made to markets, ante-natal clinics and churches within the local government on this assignment.

Sensitization talks were held at Oba Ile market on 21st March, 2011. The Iyaloja assisted in gathering the market women to listen to the talk. The women were very delighted and cooperated in the course of the sensitization. At the end of the talk, some women asked pertinent questions which were promptly answered by the team.
The team was later led to the palace to meet the Oloba of Obaile. Already waiting for the team at the palace are the Oloris, the female chiefs and some other important female leaders in the town. The team was introduced to the monarch by Iyaloja. He welcomed them warmly and gave the assurance that the message will be carried down to all his subjects through those female leaders.

On Thursday 24th March 2011, an advocacy visit was made by the team to Iju Ante-natal clinic. The pregnant women were addressed. They were told the importance of participating in partisan politics as women. They were further encouraged to make sure that they exercise their voting rights in the coming elections.

The team later went to Itaogbolu Ante-natal clinic, where the women there were also addressed and trained on voting procedure.

On Thursday 24th March in the evening at Iju, some people were gathered in the neighborhood to be trained on voting procedure. The programme was a success as they were able to learn the details about the voting process.
The team visited three Churches in Itaogbolu and addressed the congregation. The people were trained on voting procedure. Questions were asked and answered accordingly.

Two places were also visited for sensitization. They are Shasha and Ogbese Markets.
At the two markets, the market leaders helped in getting the attention of the traders. Subsequently, they were addressed and given fliers. The response was highly encouraging.

WOYWA had earlier supplied screening materials to 10 basic Health centers in the three local governments. The purpose of this is to enable the trained health workers in those centres conduct screening for those in their communities. The centres are the Basic Health Centres in Iju, Itaogbolu, Ogbese, Igisogba, Shagari village, Bagbe, Igbado, Oba ile, St Lukes Church and Oluseun Hospital, Akure.

Out team moved round during the quarter to see how far the centres has gone in the area of screening the women in their localities.
Altogether, 261 women have been screened so far in all the centres. A massive screening exercise is being planned for the 2nd quarter at Shagari Village Basic Health Centre in Akure.


WOYWA has a list of orphans and vulnerable children that are being cared for from time to time by the organization. The table below shows the list of OVC attended to during the quarter.

WOYWA is deeply committed to the education and welfare of these children. The organization is ready to do more in the next quarter and also plans to participate fully in the activities to mark this year’s National Children Day as well as the Day of the African Child celebration.

CAPACITY BUILDING (Skill Acquisition Programme)
The above is one of the major focuses of the NGO, as such; plans have been concluded to start a Skill Acquisition Programme for some youths. This will commence at the beginning of the next quarter.
Publicity has been made about the programme and some youths have shown interest by obtaining the form for the vocations. The vocations include Fashion Designing, Decoration and cake making, Computer Studies and Photography. At the end of the selection process, 21 people sailed through.
Seasoned professionals in those fields were selected and have those trainees attached to them in order to have proper on-the-job- training. Training materials were also given to each of the trainees.
The training commences by 1st of April and the graduation ceremony will take place on the 1st of October, 2011.

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