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Welcome to the official website of: The Centre for Women and Youth Wellbeing and Advocacy,(WOYWA), (a Not-For-Profit-Organization. The organization was registered with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission, (CAC) in 2008.

This website was created to raise global awareness on the need for all and sundry to support the activities of the Centre for Women and Youth Wellbeing and Advocacy financially, technically and technologically.

The Centre for Women and Youth Wellbeing and Advocacy has been doing a lot in the areas of empowering youth and women for sustainable livelihood in Ondo state, Nigeria. We can reach more lives in Nigeria and elsewhere on earth if we get the necessary support.

In year 2010 alone, the organization did a lot in the area of empowering women, youth and children in the area of: Advocacy, Social mobilization, Sensitization, Health, Capacity building, (skill acquisition) and Orphans and Vulnerable Children, (OVC).

The Breast and Cervical Cancer Preventive Initiative was launched with a massive public awareness programme organized to sensitize the people to the importance of screening the cervix for early detection of potential cancerous cells. This was followed by the training of health workers on screening procedure and possible treatment of positive cases.

Medical equipment were procured by the organization and distributed to some Basic Health centers in Ondo State, Nigeria, so that the women in rural areas can have access to cervical cancer screening.

An essay competition was organized to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the nation’s independence on 1st October 2010. Various gifts were given to students who excelled in the various categories of the competition.

The organization has been working in collaboration with other Not-For-Profits like Kings and Priests Initiative; Making a Difference Initiative (MADI), Treasure Builders and Planned Parenthood Federation of Nigeria, (PPFN) in the areas of Youth empowerment, HIV/Aids Campaign among others.

The Centre for Women and Youth Wellbeing and Advocacy is also registered with the Civil Society on HIV/AIDS (CISHAN), Civil Society Action Coalition on Education for All (CSACEFA) and Association of Orphans and Vulnerable Children NGOs of Nigeria (AONN) and lately the Centre for Women and Youth Wellbeing and Advocacy joined the National Child Rights Association of Nigeria (NACRAN).

In the first quarter of 2011, WOYWA achieved a lot in the area of advocacy and social mobilization which was channeled towards: Gender Bias in the Nigerian electoral process. The organization was fully involved in the sensitization and training of the 2011 Election voters.
Also, there was notable improvement in the number of screened women at the WOYWA Cervical Screening Centers as a result of proper monitoring.

(Insufficient Funding)
The major challenge facing the organization has been insufficient funding. The organization intends to take its Breast and Cervical Cancer Preventive Initiative (BCCPI) to other Local Governments in Ondo state, other states in Nigeria and other countries in the world where interventions like ours are required. This can be made possible if our activities are adequately funded by donors, as well as, public and private project branding collaborations.

Phone:+234-80-37145778;+234-81-38633000; +234-80-32218222; +234-70-60451145


Reducing feminized poverty while promoting Women’s rights; gender equality and improved quality of life for less privileged Women, Youth and Children.


To adopt and utilize innovative, culturally sensitive strategies to promote Women’s empowerment, rights, reproductive health and gender equality while enhancing the productive capacity and standard of living of Youth and children.

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